India: New Edition Luxury Boutique Hotel

The Edition Luxury Boutique Hotels by JW Marriott and Ian Schrager is going to establish a new EDITION luxury boutique hotel in New Delhi, India. They haven’t given an exact time-frame yet.

It’s really interesting to see how many Edition hotels are being build, and even more how much attention they get in the press and media, because as of right now, the only edition hotel that’s operating as of right now is the Istanbul Edition.

Ian Schrager’s EDITION coming to Bangkok

The luxury boutique hotel by Ian Schrager, EDITION, will open a branch in Bangkok before 2015. It will be located in one of Bangkok’s tallest buildings, the MahaNakhon Bangkok, sometimes also referred to as “the Thailand Tower”, which will have 77 storeys. It’s designed by the German architect Ole Scheeren, Partner of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).

It’s an interesting choice to invest in Bangkok, as there’s been so many hotels opening up here that there is a much higher supply than demand of rooms – yet, investors seem to be confident that EDITION Bangkok can stand out enough to be a success.

The Bangkok Edition will feature 150 rooms

What’s the meaning of “boutique” anyway?

Boutique hotels have once been something special. And not just something special, but something that only certain (special) people even knew about.

Jason Q. Freed wrote about how it all started:

the late Steve Rubell and partner Ian Schrager in 1984 were gearing up for the opening the first Morgans Hotel in New York City. As interest was drumming for the opening of the hotel, Rubell was being interviewed by local press and the reporter began asking questions about the hotel, wanting Rubell to describe it or compare it to a similar hotel in the area. Rubell couldn’t find the right words to describe what the first Morgans Hotel would represent but instead was able to paint a picture for the inquisitive journalist.

“You can go clothes shopping at Macy’s or you can go clothes shopping at one of these small boutiques in New York City,” Rubell reportedly said. “This hotel is going to be like the boutique of hotels.”

Over time, smart people in the hospitality industry figured out that just using the word boutique in their hotel descriptions had a nearly magical pull on people, and it also justified a heftly increased price tag.

So over time, there was a kind of inflation of the word “boutique”.

(Which is also one reason why we’re calling the website luxury boutique hotels, because it reflects the original spirit of the term a bit better).

Jason Q. Freed continues to talk about how the term boutique got kind of devalued, and what he think of the term branded boutique. It’s well worth reading his thoughts on the subject, whether you agree with him or not.

The Luxury Boutique Hotel Paramount New York Gets A New Owner

NewYork 09-189-20091014

The Paramount Hotel is a legend in the world of luxury boutique hotels in New York. Originally built in 1928 (on a design by Thomas W. Lamb) – it’s seen some of New Yorks most exciting times. In 1990 the hotel reopened after a remodelling period, and with new ownership. No other than Ian Schrager, with design help from Philippe Starck.

In 2004 Schrager sold the hotel for $126 million to Sol Melia Hotels and Resorts.

Now it’s been sold for $275 million. The new owner? Aby Rosen, who among other things also owns the Seagram Building and Lever House.

You can read more about this deal in the Wall Street Journal…


Ian Schrager disses boutique hotels

Luxury boutique hotels haven’t been around since a long time. In fact, they are a pretty new creation. And one of the people who is largely responsible for the concept of boutique hotels is Ian Schrager.

So when he speaks about boutique hotels, the boutique hotel world listens. Especially when he shares some of his thoughts on the thing that he helped put into this world, that you wouldn’t expect of him.

It’s true – nowadays, the word “boutique” is sinking in value drastically – because it’s a term so overused and worn out, it makes a 50 year old Puerto-Rican hooker look like a young virgin.

Ian Schrager said that boutique hotels are the “Frankenstein” of the hotel world – and he’s coming up with something new: a pared-down brand of hotel.

Read more about what Ian Schrager is up to in the Washington Post…

Broken Surfboard & Luxury Boutique Hotels

Who would have thought?

Hospitality firm Yabu Pushelberg has designed the first of the Marriott’s new line of boutique hotels with developer Ian Schrager, Hawaii’s Waikiki Editions boutique hotel. There, a giant wall-mounted piece of surfboard art—made from 100 fragmented surfboards—will greet guests, reports Co.Design today. Additional interiors intel: a nightclub will be wallpapered in silver to pay tribute to Andy Warhol, a lobby bookcase will swivel and become a bar by night, and, contrary to the designers’ wishes for wood-plank flooring, there will be carpets. Carpets! What! In Hawaii? So not beachy. Anyway, Schrager will roll out additional Editions in Istanbul, Barcelona, Mexico City, and Bangkok over the next few years. Each will be under the domain of a different designer; modern design maven Patricia Urquiola’s doing the one in Barcelona.


Bill Marriott & Ian Schrager Launch EDITION boutique hotels

Here is a video clip right out of Beverly Hills – Bill Marriott and Ian Schrager launched EDITION boutique hotels with a big party. It’s an old clip of course –

You can feel the excitement at this launch party, and if you look at what has come so far out of the EDITION boutique hotels, then the excitement is absolutely justified.
Developers from different EDITION luxury boutique hotels are talking about what the experience was like working with Ian and Bill and finally Ian Schrager speaks about his dream for this whole thing: to have 500 EDITION hotels in every country of the world.

Ian Schrager’s 40 Bond

We recently featured a video where Ian Schrager talked about 40 Bond himself. Here, you get more visuals from the building and the rooms and the surroundings. It’s awesome!

This kind of living in the middle of Manhattan is truly a dream. Everyone who is lucky enough to move in to one of the units – congratulations, you’re an extraordinarily lucky human being 🙂

Effortless Luxury Living is the essence of 40 Bond, a sophisticated new concept in urban living created by Ian Schrager.

Even though it’s not a luxury boutique hotel, we still wanted to feature this hear. Because we believe that people who are interested in boutique hotels will LOVE 40 Bond!