Ian Schrager Discusses 40 Bond

Here an interview with Ian Schrager about his 40 Bond project in New York City.

He talks about his new idea of 40 Bond. He wants to do what he did for nightclubs and hotels with people’s homes. It’s a great location and looks like it is going to be an awesome place to live.
It basically makes living effortless – you get a 24/7 level of service. Not just about room- and housekeeping services, you basically can get your complete household managed, but you don’t need to supervise that staff.
It’s also a piece of art – the gate is just beautiful, and it’s inspired by New York City graffiti!

When you watch the video, you can feel the intensity of his passion for what he is doing. Even though the 40 Bond concept is only vaguely related to luxury boutique hotels, we decided to share it here nonetheless, because it encapsulates the spirit of what boutique hotels are about so well.

Ian Schrager

Ian Schrager is a pioneer of luxury boutique hotels – in fact, he is one if the creators of the concept together with Steve Rubell. He started out with the extremely successful nightclub Studio 54, and then opened the Morgans Hotel which became a big success too, and then opened the Century Paramont Hotel, another huge success.

Now he is working together with Marriott International, and this is probably one of the most exciting projects – it’s called Edition. Around 100 Edition boutique hotels will be created in the USA, South America, Europe and Asia.

He also signed a deal to develop an ultra-luxury, six-star hotel in Manhattan.

You can read a recent interview with Ian Schrager in USA Today.