Ian Schrager disses boutique hotels

Luxury boutique hotels haven’t been around since a long time. In fact, they are a pretty new creation. And one of the people who is largely responsible for the concept of boutique hotels is Ian Schrager.

So when he speaks about boutique hotels, the boutique hotel world listens. Especially when he shares some of his thoughts on the thing that he helped put into this world, that you wouldn’t expect of him.

It’s true – nowadays, the word “boutique” is sinking in value drastically – because it’s a term so overused and worn out, it makes a 50 year old Puerto-Rican hooker look like a young virgin.

Ian Schrager said that boutique hotels are the “Frankenstein” of the hotel world – and he’s coming up with something new: a pared-down brand of hotel.

Read more about what Ian Schrager is up to in the Washington Post…

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