Eco-Friendly Luxury Boutique Hotel in New York

Green is a luxury, because most of the time, it costs more. Yet, many luxury boutique hotels haven’t gone green.

That is why we really want to give our thumbs up to the New York Palace hotel – the biggest hotel in New York that operates exclusively on green energy.

It’s been estimated that this will save 22 metric tons of carbon monoxide emissions—the equivalent of taking 4,142 cars off the road.

Here’s their official press release:



New York, NY – The New York Palace, one of the few hotels in New York to have a full-time green practices manager on staff, has introduced a 2011 roster of environmental advances designed to support the hotel’s strong commitment to sustainability in travel. Included among the hotel’s list of extensive green initiatives are operating on 100% renewable power, participating in “Clean the World,” and implementing a Green Meetings program.

As of the first of this year, The New York Palace has become the largest hotel in Manhattan to operate on 100% green energy. The recent conversion to a new power model allows the 899-room property to offset its overall electricity usage through the purchase of renewable energy certificates from Hess Corporation – a move which will specifically offset some 22 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This is the equivalent of taking 4,142 passenger cars off the road, conserving 2,436,910 gallons of gasoline, energizing 1,844 American homes for one year, or saving 7,294 tons of waste from landfills. A renewable energy certificate is a tradable commodity representing that 1,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity were generated from a renewable energy resource such as solar, wind or geothermal technology.

In another first, The New York Palace was the first hotel in New York to partner with Clean the World, donating up to 500 pounds of gently-used soap and guest-room amenities per month to the global relief organization. The contributed items are shipped from The New York Palace to the Clean the World Recycling Operations Center in Orlando, where they are sanitized and then provided to homeless shelters and impoverished individuals in 30 countries around the world. In the process, the hotel will divert several tons of landfill waste and recycle more than a ton of plastic per year.

With increasing group business coming to city hotels, The New York Palace has also broadened its Green Meetings program, directed by the hotel’s Green Team and featuring not only such basics as recycling and “turn off the lights” programs for group events, but also the use of all-electronic catering sales materials, the serving of water for meetings in non-plastic containers, and recycling of all non-confidential paper discarded by meeting and event clients.

“We are committed to promoting sustainability in all areas of hotel management, and using green energy while reducing our property footprint is meaningful not just to our team but also to many of our guests,” said Edward A. Mady, General Manager for The New York Palace. Mady has pioneered several environmental breakthroughs in the hospitality industry, including the 2005 installation of the United States’ first hotel power solution system designed to reduce overall hotel power usage. That 2005 program reduced energy use by 20% while emitting 40% less carbon dioxide, and Mady and his team are implementing a similar combined heating and power co-generation system to be installed later this year at The New York Palace.

A member of Dorchester Collection, The New York Palace also has in place numerous other environmental advances, including the use of sustainable, responsible culinary ingredients such as cage-free eggs, the installation of high-efficiency lighting operations throughout the building, and utilization of a Natura Water Filtration program to provide and contain purified still and sparkling water for select building areas.

About The New York Palace
The very finest in old-world elegance and new-world opulence can be found just beyond the courtyard gates of The New York Palace on the corner of 50th & Madison.  With 805 rooms and 88 suites, The Palace is known for unparalleled splendor, spectacular views, sumptuous rooms and exquisite service.  Located in the heart of Manhattan — across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral and only steps from Rockefeller Center — the Hotel’s world-renowned courtyard incorporates motifs from several 15th-century Italian cathedrals and has served as the entranceway to the historic Villard Mansion since 1882.  Today, The New York Palace gracefully blends the landmark Villard Mansion with a contemporary 55-story tower for the guestrooms that was completed in 1980. Guests can book accommodations online at or contact reservations at 1-800-NY-PALACE (1-800-697-2522).

About Dorchester Collection
The Dorchester Collection is the successor to the Dorchester Group, originally established in 1996 to manage a portfolio of some of the world’s foremost luxury hotels in Europe and the USA.

The launch of Dorchester Collection in 2006 signalled a change to the strategic goals of the company. By applying its unrivalled experience and capability in owning and operating some of the world’s great individual hotels, the company’s vision is to become the ultimate hotel management company, with a passion for excellence and innovation, honouring the individuality and heritage of its iconic hotels.  This will be achieved through acquisition as well as management of wholly-owned and part-owned hotels.

Backing the strategy is a strong company branding that expresses the market’s universally high regard for the current portfolio and the distinctive common values held by all Dorchester Collection hotels.

The current portfolio is managed by Dorchester Collection:

The Dorchester, London
The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills
Le Meurice, Paris
Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris
Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan
The New York Palace, New York
Hotel Bel-Air. Los Angeles (closed for refurbishment)
Coworth Park, Ascot, Berkshire
45 Park Lane, London (opening summer 2011)

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