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Avantgarde Hotels has a new website. They are a chain of boutique hotels that you can find all over the world – in the United States, you find them in LA, New York and Florida.

The website consists also of a straightforward system that allows clients to find the boutique hotel they are looking for the quickest way possible. Fine tuning the hotel search is made easy and swift through the websites Advanced Hotel Search, where one can single out the properties by continent, location, experience, hotel type and activities.

The Epoque & Avantgarde management and IT felt the need to improve both aesthetically and functionally its existing portal. We were aiming to build a very simple, very minimalist yet eye-catching and user-friendly website for the Avantgarde line, says Juan Palmada, Vice President of Epoque & Avantgarde Hotels.

A lot of websites nowadays tend to provide excessive content and display a host of distracting gimmicks. We wanted to weed the superfluous and concentrate on the easiest way for travellers to find and book the hotel of their choice, concludes Palmada. Avantgarde Hotels guarantees that and its affiliates will offer the best room rate for any of their member hotels under the Best Rate Guaranteed Program

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invainband August 28, 2009 at 15:56

is it a collection of design hotels? they look great! good video

KimBjork1 August 28, 2009 at 21:49

Stunningly Beautiful!

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