Boutique Hotel Phuket: Dewa Phuket

The video opens with water flowing out of the beautiful swimming pool of one of the Best Boutique Hotels in Phuket, Dewa Boutique Resort. One could see a family of three guests spending their time blissfully inside the swimming pool. They are having a whale of a time inside the swimming pool. Now the focus shifts to a relaxing room on top of the swimming pool in Dewa, phuket. There is a cushioned cot in the room with a lot of cushion pillows arranged neatly on top it. Now the lens takes us to have a close look at the beautiful plants in the garden side of the resort and shows the natural greenery of the resort rooms. While we are gazing at the green plants, a female staff of Dewa Boutique Resort welcomes everyone with a pleasant smile. One could find plenty of plants on both sides of the walk ways. Then the focus shifts to the serene beach in Phuket. The camera focuses on a father and his daughter relaxing on the white sands of the beach. The little girl seems to be enjoying the gentle waves of the beach. Now the focus shifts to the swimming pool and the bed side furnishings and then zooms into room no 128. After this the viewer is taken back to the beach view, which paints a pretty picture of the blue water in between two trees.

The video lens now shifts back and forth between a dining table and the beautiful phuket beach. I think the lens man finds it extremely difficult to leave the beautiful beach and wants it to be there in every frame. Now coming back to the video, the scene now shifts back to the swimming pool of the Dewa Boutique hotel, where the camera focuses on a basket full of wine bottles kept near the swimming pool. One could see four guests swimming in the beautiful swimming pool and one could also get a glimpse of a small gushing fountain. The scenery around the swimming pool is quite marvelous. One could come across flowers of various colors such as white and pink and thick green plants. There are plenty of chairs and slanted seats around the swimming pool for the visitors to relax by the side of the pool.

The scene now shifts back to the serene sands of the beach where the sea water comes and wets the white sand. Now the viewers are taken to the other important facility of the Dewa Boutique Hotel, which is the spa. One could see a spacious hall containing sofas and chairs. There are plenty of spa related creams and oils sitting at the corner of the spa. There is also a fish aquarium which is captured beautifully by the camera man. Now we reach the end of this video where it is showing the external decorative which looks pretty good.  Seeing this beautiful video, one will be definitely tempted to go to phuket and stay in Dewa Resort for at least a couple of days.

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